Garage Door Cable Tracks

Garage Door Cable Tracks

Let us help you with cables and tracks! We are masters in their repair

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Fast Response Services

Fast Response Services

Don’t let small garage door issues become bigproblems. Call Garage Door Repair Folsom for all your garage-related concerns.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

We, at Garage Door Repair Folsom service, fix and replace residential openers of all brands and offer quick repairs

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Well-reputed roll up garage door installation company

Are you uncertain about which methods to follow when you need to replace an opener or have your garage door repaired? We have all the answers. If you have rusty parts, we can help you out. If you're considering getting new doors, check out why wood is always a good option. Learn which replacements to select.

  • What are opener travel limits?

    These are among the main settings of the device. They determine how far down and how high up the garage door will travel. They should be adjusted when the opener is first installed and when any changes to the door are made. This is done with the use of special switches of knobs in the back of the motor unit.

  • Should I insulate my garage door?

    Our professionals in Folsom highly recommend getting your garage door insulated as there are many benefits in doing it. Insulated doors maintain the temperature inside the garage by confining heat inside depending on the temperature outside. They help in noise reduction and add to the strength of the door.

  • What is the backroom?

    The backroom is the distance from the opening of the garage to the very end backwards. This is useful to know when you're measuring the garage to get an overhead door. The height of the door must match the distance of the ceiling. In fact, there must be a little room left with the door open.

  • How do I deal with rust on garage doors?

    The secret of preventing rust from expanding is inspecting and cleaning the garage door regularly. If you find tiny spots of rust, you should sand the area with soft sanding paper and then repaint it. Actually, you will have to repeat the same procedure in a larger scale if the problem is expanded. It's important to take care of the painting because when it is peeled off, garage doors will rust easier.

  • What are the advantages of wood doors?

    Wood garage doors are excellent in terms of the house's appeal and they can actually insulate sufficiently the house, if you are not located in an area with extreme conditions. They certainly add a classy touch to your property and increase its value.

  • What is the rolling code technology?

    It's the new technology in the family of remote controls. Every time you are pressing the buttons to open the garage door, the codes are changing. Therefore, no one can copy them as Garage Door Repair Folsom says and you will feel much safer. 

  • Why is the garage opener remote out of order?

    The inner circuit of the remote controls must be cleaned thoroughly because excessive dust can block it. Professionals at Garage Door Repair Folsom say that remotes may lose communication with the opener if the power was out and need to be reprogrammed.

  • Should I avoid getting glass garage doors to protect my children?

    You don't have to be skeptical about glass doors anymore because most of them are made by safety glass, which means that if there is an accident the pieces will not hurt your kids or pets, but they will remain put. At the same time, you can get milky glass to ensure that no one can see what you are doing at your private premises.

  • What replacement parts should I get?

    It's important to choose garage door repair parts, which are durable and manufactured by good companies because no-name products may turn out to be terrible. It's always worth spending a few more dollars to get the original repair parts because you will pay two or three times over through repairs and replacements if you get the cheap ones.

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